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Why take an English Pronunciation Course?

Because you have been learning English for what feels like FOREVER and you still lack confidence communicating at work, have misunderstandings with colleagues and clients and you feel exhausted after a meeting in English.

Once you finish this course you will notice results that will positively affect your relationships with colleagues, clients and supplies, and your productivity and efficiency at work.

  • Qualified language and communication experts
  • Flexible timetables
  • 10 year track record
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fustrated working in English?

Find out why you get frustrated working in English and what what you can do about it!

Training, Coaching, and More

Unlock Your Potential with ClassA Skills


Acquire the Knowledge

Acquire the knowledge and tools you need to enhance your ability to communicate effectively and achieve your business goals with our workshops and training programmes.


Develop the Skill

Develop your skills with experts who provide a safe safe to explore, test, and refine your new skills.


Activate and Empower

Empower your skills by finding the stratergies you need to perform certain skills with confidence and autonomy

English Pronunciation Programme

Before taking just another English course to improve your communication confidence, please take part in our English Pronunciation Clinic and find out how to unlock your English Knowledge and tune into the English Speakers around you.

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Training, Coaching, and More

Unlock Your Potential with ClassA Skills

Boost your business results with our training, coaching, and language programs.

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